Open Call


Under The Bridge is now accepting submissions for the 6th issue in The Mediums series: Performance.

The Mediums is an 11 issue series of Under The Bridge with each issue dedicated to one artistic medium. This series will include Painting, Photography, Sound, Installation, Printmaking, Performance, Text-Based Art, Fiber, Sculpture, Video, and Drawing.

For the purposes of this issue, "performance" is defined as, "an artwork in which the actions of artists, performers, or audience are conveyed whether through live-action, video, photography, installation or otherwise." Although we have provided this preliminary definition of performance, we encourage liberal interpretation of the term and alternative approaches to the medium. If you are unsure if your work fits in this category, please email us.

Eligibility: Any artist or collective who works in the medium of performance or creates participatory artwork is eligible to apply.

How to Apply: Simply follow this link to a Google Form that will guide you through the application process.

Deadline: The deadline for the Performance issue is March 31, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.


Who can submit?

-Any artist or collective in the world who works in the medium of performance is eligible to submit.

What can I submit?

Any performance artwork created within the last 10 years can be submitted. EXCEPTION: any artwork that has previously been featured in an issue of Under The Bridge cannot be submitted again.

Is there a submission fee?

There is no required submission fee. However, a small $5 donation is requested upon submission to account for processing and development of the magazine.

What file formats are supported?

.jpg, .png, .tif, and .mp4 are all accepted formats for submission. REMINDER: this is a print magazine so high-resolution images are necessary for inclusion in the issue.

Anything else I should know?

- every artist who submits will receive a digital version of the issue for free

- submissions will be turned away resolutely for failure to follow all submission guidelines. Accurate and detailed information, as well as high-quality documentation, are essential for inclusion in the publication

- the issue will be released at the end of April 2021

If there are remaining questions or concerns, email and your question will be answered when able.