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Under The Bridge is a portable exhibition featuring an eclectic arrangement of artwork drawn from an international pool of artists. Published quarterly, this magazine is distributed in print and online.

Purpose Statement

Observing a lack of space for emerging artists to present their artworks but unable to fund a brick-and-mortar gallery space, the magazine was created as an alternative art presentation space that was both accessible and easily distributed. Sourcing all featured artworks form an open call, artists from any country and at any stage in their career are able to submit their artworks for a feature.

Mission Statement

As a portable exhibition, Under The Bridge presents artworks in an image-focused environment with minimal extraneous content providing more space for the observation and reflection of artworks.

Dedicated to providing opportunity to artists and stimulated by the diversity of contemporary art, every artist who successfully submits to Under The Bridge is guaranteed to have a minimum of 1 artwork featured in the magazine.


Vision Statement

Under The Bridge envisions itself as a publication that is culturally responsive and artist-focused. Issues will be indicative and reflective of current movements while maintaining a dedication to viewing artworks. Each iteration of this portable exhibition will bring together a diverse array of artists and artworks in a considered and curated context.

Founder & Editor

Leia Genis